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Thanks for joining us on our journey! We’re Jonathan and Melissa Greene. Together we have 3 awesome kid’s and Rex, our loyal golden retriever.  We are passionate about living off the land love getting our hands dirty. Early in 2021 we moved from our city house and urban garden to over 7 acres of farm land in Parma, MI. That same year we built an energy efficient barndominium style house on the homestead all the while educating ourselves and people like you how to live more sustainably.  Our primary homestead activity is growing our own fruits and vegetables.  In 2022, we introduced 150 turkeys with the possibility of more foul in the future. We love nature, especially trees!  Our homestead features a variety of future Christmas trees, nut trees, and fruit trees. We chose to start our homestead to ensure that we would always have access to fresh and healthy food. We are glad you found us! Come along as we start, grow, and refine The Greene Family Homestead.

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