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Pasture Raised Turkey

In May 2022 we added over 100 broad breasted white turkey poults to the homestead.  These turkeys are raised outdoors on our several acre pasture in a clean, safe, and nurturing environment.  In the late fall we harvest the turkeys and sell them to the general public.  Turkeys will range in size from 16-24+ lbs; containing enough food to feed your family.


Reservations are FREE, payment will take place when you pick up your bird.  

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How To Reserve Your Turkey, Duck or Chicken

Several times a year we announce when we have freshly harvested ducks, chickens, or turkeys for sale.  These are the general instructions on how you can reserve or order a bird in 2023!

Please provide a few details: First and Last Name, phone number, and your ideal size bird.  Our turkeys are the largest bird we have, their sizing is: Small is 16-20lbs, Medium is 20-24, and Large is +24lbs.


*General rule of thumb is 1 – 1 ½ pounds turkey per person. That might seem like a lot of bird, but remember, beyond bones, the mass of your whole bird also accounts for cartilage and less favorable cuts of meat around the shoulders, neck, and back that are better for making stock the next day.  


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