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Commitment to our Community

Long before Greene Family Homestead, before the acreage and the poultry, we had a large urban garden in the city.  In 2020, the lock-down hit our neighbors hard.  Our instinct was to support our neighbors and community to the best of our ability.  Stores were hard to get to and sometimes healthy products were hard to find on the shelves.  That is when we decided to take control of our food ecosystem.  We found about 7 acres in the country and began our homestead journey.  We did not want to be dependent on the supply chain.  We wanted to own the supply chain and make sure our family always had access to nutritious food.  It was also important to us to make our products available to the local community.  We think our values of fresh, local, and sustainable are the answers for food insecurity, food scarcity, environmental destruction, and habitat destruction.  If you feel your event or organization closely aligns with values of The Greene Family Homestead, please fill out and submit our community support request form for consideration.

Community Support Request Form

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